About Us

Direction takes a modern approach to what is typically an old fashioned stale industry.

We provide Accounting, Business Sales and Coaching Services with a strong panel of business service partners to provide complete servicing of your financial needs. Direction has been established on the basis of creating a community around our clients and a single access point to business and personal financial services. This provides you the client with a consistent approach when dealing with your important financial issues. Our associated businesses include:

Direction Port Macquarie

Direction Port Macquarie is headed up by David Ross. David is a Chartered Accountant with significant experience in business advisory. David’s focus is on helping business achieve sustainable growth through a range of business development services.

Direction Business Broking

Direction Business Broking provides professional succession solutions for businesses with a sale value over $500,000. Our approach is based heavily in getting you the highest realistic price for your business.

Typically as your largest asset beside your home, it is critical that you deal with a sales professional that understands business.


SuperCoach are a national business coaching company, specialising in working with accountants to help small businesses like yours Achieve more.

SuperCoach believe that Every Business Needs a Hero and work with small business via their 6 Superpowers to business success to bring about sustainable improvements in cashflow and profitability.