Managing the Numbers

Quite often we are so busy running our business day to day that we forget to manage the numbers. Until we know and understand the numbers in the business it is very hard to manage the inputs that create the results. Direction’s research has shown that this is a critical factor to a business’s success. It has also shown that it is a critical factor irrespective of the size of the fact many large businesses exhibited poor control over their numbers. As a result we have partnered with SuperCoach, a national business coaching company to present Operation Bean Counter, creating a wave of change and as a result more successful businesses with clear focus on the numbers.

Learn how to unlock the mystery of numbers in your business!

Have you ever looked at the financial information in your business and given up all hope of ever understanding it?

Do you measure how your business is going by the amount of money in the bank?

If so, you need to be part of Direction’s Operation Bean Counter

Understand how to read your profit & loss statement and balance sheet and why you need to keep an eye on both!

Learn how to make financial decisions in your business.... quick and easy.

Know how your business is taxed and what the accountant lingo all means.

Learn to know how your business is performing and which areas need improvement.

Contact a Direction now to find out how you can start Managing the numbers!