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Every Business Needs a Hero, and Every Hero has a Story

Each Episode is packed with great business insights and advice to help your Small Business Achieve more:

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Curing Cashflow Problems in Your Business | #4

Could your business improve it’s cashflow? Great Cashflow  Management is so much more than just collecting money from your customers and clients. In this episode we explore the keys to getting your cashflow right in your business


  • Understanding the 3 levers and which ones to pull and when.
  • Your Cashflow cycle explained
  • Getting your cashflow systems right
  • What key measurements should you be monitoring


In our Hero story we speak with Karl Schwantes of Xennox Diamonds, a family owned jewellery business specialising in the design of diamond engagement and wedding rings. Karl takes us through some gems of advice, (pun firmly intended), on both cashflow and customer experience.

In Quick Questions we help a listener understand the difference between Profit and Cashflow and why it’s important to understand where the money went.

Dealing with Business Setbacks | #3

What happens when the wheels fall off in your business?  However you want to define leadership, this is when true leaders must step up. So how do you make sure you can handle the tough decisions, how do you ensure you have what it takes to manage your way through successfully? In this episode we look at how to deal with business setbacks and how you can build resilience and bring your team along on the journey.

  • Stop Feeling like you are alone in dealing with issues.
  • Lose the game face and deal with things front on
  • Get Great Advice and get it early
  • Ditch the Positive Thinking and instead apply Positive Realism
In our Hero story we speak with Emily Johnson, Principal Psychologist and co-founder of Get Mentally Fit, a  company assisting individuals, teams and organisations to better manage workplace stress, mental health and mental fitness.
In Quick Questions we tackle the issue of Work Life Balance and why working ON your business can become a trap if you are not ready.

Dealing with Distraction in Business | #2

Are you overwhelmed in your business? Not enough time to get everything done? In this episode we explore how to overcome distraction in your
Business and get back on top of things.

  • Identifying distractions
  • Time Management that actually works
  • Managing distractions from your team
  • Getting out of your own way


In our Hero story we speak with Dr James Cobb, a chiropractor that has built an amazing business and team by focussing on what matters and what works.

And in Quick Questions we cover the issue of Procrastination and top tips to rid yourself from it.

Work Life Balance - Is There Really such a thing? | #1

Is there such a thing as Work Life Balance? Or have we all been sold a myth? In this episode we explore the key to getting your
Business Life working in sync with your Personal Life.

  • Why one will always outweigh the other
  • Understanding the Yin and Yang of business
  • How to synchronise the two
  • Why you shouldn’t go to either extreme


In our Hero story we speak with Jeremy Dawes founder of Jezweb, a web design company created with balance in mind, and a focus on
ensuring the integration of the two occurs.

And in Quick Questions we cover the issue of Automation in your Business.

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